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2017 Regional Winners

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2017 STEM Design Challenge!

4-5 Division winners

1st Place
School – Vincent Elementary School
Team – The Flume Foursome
Members – Christian Carroll, Reilly Koitzsch, Zach Levin, Anna Wilson

2nd Place
School – Fern Hill Elementary School
Team – S.T.A.R. (Science, Technology, Amusement, and Research)
Members – Rori Kennedy, Alexandra Barnes, Joey Taraschi, Ella Kennedy

3rd Place
School – Chadds Ford Elementary School
Team – Chadds Ford H2O Go
Members – Jack Hyman, Rohan Kapoor, Ethan Lee, Michael Ta

Honorable Mention #1
School – Exton Elementary School
Team – Chispas Electricas (Electric Sparkles)
Members – Aiden Porter, Simran Sahoo, Jeannie Shore, Lasya Tirmamidi

Honorable Mention #2
School – North Coventry Elementary School
Team – Wild Water Riders
Members – Maya Evans, Karl Giraud, Jazlynn Campbell, Peyton Hsia

6-8 Division winners

1st Place
School – Octorara Intermediate School
Team – Water Works
Members – Hannah Hulton, Mackenzie Muldoon, Finley Reynolds, Cole Shatto

2nd Place
School – Charles F. Patton Middle School
Team – Green-Lnd
Members – Ansh Abbaraju, Manav Gundecha, Naman Razdan, Sebastian Tucker

3rd Place
School – Vincent Elementary (6th grade)
Team – K’Nextors
Members – Rory Booth, Charlie Davis, Nate Lyoob, Tyler Rossi

Honorable Mention for All-Inclusive Design and Accessibility
School – Gateway Middle School
Team – The Four STEM K’Nextagators
Members – Andrew Siefert, Talia Kline, Ryan McAuley, Joey Miller

Honorable Mention for Green Theme
School – Octorara Junior High School
Team – The K’A.P.E. Team
Members – John Beecher, Parry Bentley, Leah Davis, Scott Davis

Honorable Mention for Best Ride Idea
School – Pierce Middle School
Team – Pierce Middle School
Members – Ryan Kuelgar, Radek Semon, Jack Szyprowski, Liam Wood

The 2017 Challenge

Your team has been hired to create a new amusement park. However, this new amusement park is making “green” a priority. The owners are working to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer and are creating a fun family park that will inspire others to be environmentally friendly. You will need to create a ride for this new park. Your ride must represent the environmentally friendly approach that the owners are requiring.