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2016 Regional Winners

Congratulations to all our winners!
The 1st place winners will advance to the state competition on May 13, 2016

4 -5 Division

1st Place
School – East Vincent Elementary
Team – STEMers
Members – Nathan Hayes, Katie Lillard, Christian Carroll, Samantha Koury

2nd Place
School – Fern Hill Elementary
Team – Team REAL
Members – Rori Kennedy, Alexandra Barnes, Luke Benfer, Ella Kennedy

3rd Place
School – Octorara Intermediate
Team – Cactus Construction
Members – Tarin Boohar, Kaycee King, Emily Miller, Tyler Remphrey

Honorable Mention
School – North Coventry Elementary
Team – Ireland Innovators
Members – Elizabeth Meyers, Michael Boyd, Eliana Crew, Kaelyn Grosser

6 – 8 Division

1st Place
School – Octorara Intermediate
Team – Mechanical Maniacs
Members – Devon Carroll, Marc DiGregorio, JD Mickel, Emma Milligan

2nd Place
School – East Vincent Elementary
Team -Auquateers
Members – Izzy LeBlanc, Julia Forrest, Alyssa Greiner, Ciara MacMullen

3rd Place
School – Avon Grove Intermediate
Team – AGIS 6th
Members – Jimmy Conley, Eli Boone, Lloyd Degnan, Ben Coppens

Honorable Mention
School – Charles F. Patton Middle School
Team – The Patton Project
Members – Robert Wang, Dylan Huffman, Ibraheem Qureshi, Adnan Shaikh

The 2016 Challenge

Your team is being challenged to design a building. This building must be at least one meter tall and your team must be able to demonstrate that your building can hold weight. During the presentation your team must show the strength of your building (using books, weights, etc.) and also address how your building is environmentally friendly.